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A Guide to Custom Home Financing

By Tailored by Woodhill - 1-29-2024

At Tailored by Woodhill, we understand that your dream home is unique, reflecting your personal style and preferences. While our move-in ready homes at Woodhill stand the test of time, we also offer an unparalleled custom-building experience for families who envision something truly one-of-a-kind.... [read more]

Being Good Neighbors to Birds This Winter

By Tailored by Woodhill - 12-28-2023

In Oregon, a state adorned with a diverse array of beautiful birds, birdwatching stands out as a popular winter activity. If you wish to attract more feathered friends to your porch and ensure they stay well-nourished during the scarce winter months, here's a guide on how,... [read more]

Warm Up with These Hot Chocolate Recipes

By Tailored by Woodhill - 11-29-2023

At Tailored by Woodhill, we understand the importance of savoring life's little luxuries. A perfect cup of hot chocolate is not just a beverage; it's a moment of indulgence. Here are some tips and a signature recipe to elevate your hot chocolate experience.

Tips... [read more]

Cozy Up This Fall with These Activities

By Tailored by Woodhill - 10-31-2023

Oregon enjoys all four seasons and Autumn is one of the best. And when you are in a Tailored Home, you can enjoy this season however you like to. Baking, bonfires, crafting. If you are looking for some cozy activities you can... [read more]

Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete Before Fall

By Tailored by Woodhill - 9-28-2023

As summer transitions into fall, there are several important home maintenance tasks that homeowners should complete to ensure their Tailored homes are in good condition for the upcoming season. Here are some end-of-summer home maintenance tasks to tackle.

Gutter Cleaning

First up are gutters.... [read more]

Creating Your Personal In-Home Spa Oasis

By Tailored by Woodhill - 9-19-2023

Creating Your Personal In-Home Spa Oasis

We all need to unwind and relax from our busy lives and what better way to do that than in your own home. Creating a tranquil in-home oasis gives you all the benefits of a luxury spa without having to... [read more]

Treating Your Plumbing Kindly

By Tailored by Woodhill - 8-30-2023

When you choose Tailored by Woodhill to build your custom home, you will get a home that is completely new, inside and out. That includes your plumbing. Plumbing isn’t the most glamorous part of a home, but it is essential nonetheless. Knowing how to... [read more]

Questions You Should be Asking Your Home Builder

By Tailored by Woodhill - 7-31-2023

Before you build the home of your dreams, you need to find a quality home builder that is the right fit for your project. Asking important and crucial questions will establish if they are the right builder for you and it’ll give you confidence in their... [read more]

Tackle Clutter for Good!

By Tailored by Woodhill - 7-31-2023

At Tailored, we work with you to create the home that you want and need. For many, a big need is storage. We can almost never have enough storage spaces, can we? But what can you do when your storage spaces aren’t enough? What... [read more]

Getting Your Home Appraised - Do These Things First

By Tailored by Woodhill - 6-29-2023

A home appraisal is an essential step when putting your home on the market. But if you want your home to really shine and get the best appraisal possible, it is important to take these preparations first.

Make It Spic and Span

Start by... [read more]

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